HATIKVAH (the Hope)

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June 1948 Stalin’s efforts to strangle Allied access to their occupation zones in West Berlin were challenged and defeated by a bold air supply campaign led by the newly formed U.S.A.F.

Over 15 months, and better than 250,000 flights the Allies defeated the Russian blockade and won the first victory in the Cold War.

Brother Neil MacDonald was a crewmember of a C-54 in that successful effort.

As a Mason, Brother Neil pledged great service to Eastern Star Lodge in his professional capacity as a Civil Engineer and remained active to his final days as an activist for social issues.

Brother Neil was a Master Mason and a member of Redwood Lodge in Rhode Island.

He was 88 years young at his passing in December.

During the March meeting at Eastern Star Lodge, Bro. Alderson sang the Hatikvah (the Hope) in his memory. R.I.P. Bro. Neil.